for iPhone™ & iPod® touch

The timeless precision of flight computer, in the modern power of a pocket computer.

The iE6B is the ultimate aviation solution for the iPhone™ and iPod® touch. Never be without vital aviation calculations. Move beyond stumbling with a large, bulky, glorified slider-ruler. The iE6B literally fits right in your pocket, and goes where you go.

The iE6B was designed from the ground-up to be the most complete solution for the iPhone and iPod touch. The functions built into the application provide all the capabilities of a traditional E6-B flight computer, in the convience of a digital form.

The application runs natively, which keeps the app usable in any situation. No more being tied to a Wi-Fi or slow EDGE connection to use a web-based solution. No more carrying around a dedicated device with a ancient user interface. The iE6B is built using a custom User Interface specifically designed for the iPhone and iPod touch's multi-touch interface.

Functions available in the iE6B include:

  • Solve for Time, Speed, or Distance
  • Calculating Wind Correction Angle and Groundspeed
  • Calculating Headwind and Crosswind components
  • Find the Wind Direction and Speed based on how it is affecting your airplane
  • Calculate Fuel Requirements and Endurance Time
  • Convert between different units for
    • Distance (Meters, Kilometers, Feet, Statue Miles, Nautical Miles)
    • Volume (Gallons, Liters)
    • Weight (Pounds, Kilograms
    • Temperature (Fahrenheit, Celcius)
  • Customize the units used when entering values